Surgical and Diagnostic Facilities

We have modern well equipped surgical facilities. Our anaesthetic protocols have been developed in conjunction with specialist anaesthetists. We use the latest anaesthetic drugs and monitoring equipment such as pulse oximetry, capnography and blood pressure monitoring to ensure maximum patient safety.

We perform a wide range of surgical procedures from routine neuterings to soft tissue surgery and orthopaedics.

Soft tissue surgeries include lump removals, hernia repairs, thyroidectomies and a wide range of other routine as well as emergency procedures.

Orthopaedic procedures include fracture repairs, patellar surgery and cruciate repairs including TTAs.

We have a digital X-ray system which gives excellent quality images. These can then be referred by email for specialist evaluation if necessary. Other facilities include endoscopy, ultrasound, ECG, blood pressure monitoring, eye tonometry, dental scaling and polishing and in-house laboratory services. The latter cover amongst others: biochemistry, haematology, electrolytes, urinalysis, faecal egg counts (for large animals and horses), and cytology.

Hospitalisation Facilities

We have purpose built dog and cat kennels for your pets, depending on their needs and illnesses. You are welcome to visit your pet when hospitalised for several days - we ask you to telephone for updates in the mornings and have pre-arranged visiting times in the afternoons and evening. The isolation ward houses infectious cases and is "barrier nursed" - this reduces the risk of spreading infections to people and other patients and unfortunately means visits are not permitted except in exceptional circumstances. Our critical care facilities include a specialist oxygen cage and cocoon patient warming system.

Patients are always hospitalised on-site, rather than having to be transported to an out of hours provider at a different location. This ensures your pet will be looked after by our own staff who are familiar with your pet’s needs.

Nurse Consultations

Our nurses are an integral part of our care team and provide advice on many pet related matters and are involved in monitoring anaesthetics, running the in house laboratory and providing treatment for medical and surgical patients. They also have a variety of nurse clinics available on a daily basis, for example:

  • Post operative checks
  • Weight management clinics
  • Anal gland checks
  • Nail Clipping
  • Identichipping
  • Flea and worm treatment checks
  • Diabetes clinics

Nurse Training Centre

We are an approved nurse training practice and as such have to be inspected annually and adhere to RCVS training standards

Large Animal & Equine Facilities

We cover a wide variety of large animal & equine work.

We cover dairy, beef and sheep well as pigs, goats, alpacas and many other less common farm animal species!

We do preventative healthcare visits, pregnancy scanning/fertility work and emergency call outs. We also do herd health plans, mastitis investigations and mobility scoring alongside other consultancy work. We have a sheep and calf operating area and we use Easi-Scan large animal scanners for our fertility work. We also carry out export work for animals, embryos and semen and food products.

Equine work includes vaccinations, castrations and pre-purchase examinations as well as diagnostic work-ups using in-house and external lab facilities. We use our digital Xray machine for x-raying horses also as part of lameness work-ups. We also use the TAL scheme for investigating Cushings disease in horses. We provide an emergency out of hours service for horses and donkeys for registered clients.

We also carry out TB testing for our farm clients, both routine and pre-sale testing.

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Smallholders Club

In recent years we have seen the number of smallholders in the practice increase, including a number of more unusual farm species! We offer a smallholders club with the idea to run a series of meetings throughout the year covering a variety of topics. We as vets find this field of work both interesting and rewarding. We would like to provide a tailored service to those who are new to the world of farming, have smallholdings and keepers of backyard herds and flocks. We are extending the invitation to all farmers who may have a few pet pigs/chickens in the back yard behind the large dairy farm. Membership includes:

  • Meetings: A farm walk every 3-4 months
  • Topical evening meetings every 4-8 weeks
  • 3 free worm egg counts a year
  • 1 non emergency pre arranged veterinary visit each year
  • Examples include pre lambing visit, general health review etc
  • Membership pack including movement book and medicine book
  • Monthly newsletter

Please ring the surgery for more details and see when the next meeting will be held!